Corporate Social Responsibility

Alaska Gives Back

While unceasingly leading the milky way, Alaska remains committed in its share in nation-building.

More than a roof

Located in Bayan-Bayanan, San Pedro, Laguna, the Alaska Gawad Kalinga Village shelters more than 120 families. In addition, AMC also paved way for livelihood opportunities. Programs such as furniture and bag-making and Alaska-enriched yema, polvoron, and pastillas products were introduced to the community. Now, Alaska provides trainings, supplies raw materials and assists in the marketing and sales of the community’s finished products.

Alaska believes that providing decent homes and livelihood programs marks the beginning of the transformation of a person, a family, and a community towards progress and development. Long after the last brick has been laid, Alaska Milk will continue to support its adopted community assuring them not only of a “roofed” community but also a brighter future.

Alaska and Children’s Hour

Alaska Milk Corporation and Children’s Hour have enjoyed a shared mission and a long collaboration in creating a brighter future for Filipino children. Children’s Hour is a non-profit organization that raises funds through the power of one hour. These funds are then deployed to carefully selected projects that help children in the areas of education, nutrition, shelter, protection, and total development in the form of grants.

Since 1999, AMC have participated in the Children’s Hour fund raising campaign, which taps individuals to donate one hour worth of their salary once a year to programs committed to the welfare and development of Filipino children. AMC is one of the first companies to join Children’s Hour campaign and has been recognized as one of the Top 20 contributors.

Alaska Milk looks forward to a continuing partnership with Children’s Hour in “making the world a better place, one hour at a time.”

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