Alaska Evaporada & Alaska Condensada

Alaska Evaporada and Alaska Condensada are the perfect partners in enhancing the taste of various food and beverage concoctions. Packaged in new and attractive modern designs, Alaska Evaporada and Alaska Condensada are the “value line” alternative to the classic Alaska Evaporated Filled Milk and Alaska Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk. Priced competitively in the market, Alaska Evaporada and Condensada offer the same high-quality of products for the value-conscious homemaker, and are ideal for food entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who would like to offer high-quality, value-for-money products to customers.

Alaska Evaporada and Condensada Product Sizes

  • Alaska Evaporada 370 mL (can)
  • Alaska Evaporada 154 mL (can)
  • Alaska Evaporada 250 mL (Tetra Brik)
  • Alaska Condensada 300 mL (can)
  • Alaska Condensada 168mL (can)
  • Alaska Condensada 250mL (Tetra Brik)