Alaska’s Four Decades of Putting the Filipino First

As one of the leading milk companies in the country, Alaska Milk Corporation has, for over four decades, dedicated itself to providing affordable dairy nutrition for every Filipino home.

As the scourge of rising global oil prices continue to drive up the prices of basic commodities, Alaska was not spared from the pressure to make reasonable price adjustments to cope with the rising cost of raw materials. On 11 October 2018, the Philippine Government, through the Department of Trade and Industry’s Undersecretary for Consumer Protection, Atty. Ruth Castelo, earnestly urged food manufacturers to help ease the burden of rising prices on the ordinary Filipino family especially this coming Christmas.

Alaska Milk Corporation, through its Managing Director, Marco Bertacca, responds: “Alaska is heeding the government’s call and we are proud to be the first to respond. In partnership with the government, we will suspend planned price increases on all top-of-mind Noche Buena Alaska Milk products. There is no better time to enter into an active partnership with the government, as we usher in the season of hope.”

Alaska announced a price-freeze for the duration of the Noche Buena season, or until 31 December 2018, on all Alaska Noche Buena products particularly Alaska Crema and Alaska Crema-Asada.

By accommodating the DTI’s request, we are also doing our own little part in helping to celebrate this blessed Christmas season with the generations of Filipinos who have grown to love Alaska’s top-of-mind milk products. Moreover, with this self-imposed price moratorium, we are not only sending a message of solidarity, that Alaska is ‘one with the Filipino,’ but that we are likewise living out our commitment to always put the Filipino family first,” Bertacca adds.

DTI Undersecretary Ruth Castelo (center) with representatives from various food manufacturers including Alaska Milk Corporation’s Corporate Affairs Director, Atty. Angela Esquivel and Public Affairs and Legal Manager, Atty. Noel Del Prado (3rd & 2nd from Left).