Commitment to Sports

Alaska Milk Corporation believes that sports play an important role in instilling the values of determination, discipline, hard work and team work among the youth. These fundamental values develop character and are necessary attributes for success as much as good health and proper nutrition especially through milk.

alaskasportsAlaska’s Sports Development Program is a holistic approach to Sports Marketing that adheres to mother’s natural instinct of wanting only the best for her children by promoting proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and the importance of character-building. This is what Alaska Milk Corporation believes and encourages. NUTRITION.ACTION.CHAMPION.

For the Company, the sports development program through Alaska Power Camp, serve as a vehicle for the youth to develop their skills in basketball and football, develop a healthy and active life-style and become champions in whatever they do be it in sports or in life.

The Alaska Power Camp has been cited and recognized by the Philippine Sportwriters’ Association for its outstanding contribution to youth sports and development in the country, particularly on the grass-roots level.alaskapowercamp

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  • Basketball Power Camp  


    Former basketball superstar JojoLastimosa and now Alaska Basketball Power Camp Director said that since start more than fifteen years ago, over10,000 boys and girls ranging from five to fourteen years of age have participated in the program. Two modules are conducted during the summer break and one during the semestral break. Each module runs for eight days and consists of a training clinic for three skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Children are grouped by skill levels and not by age, because some young children display advanced basketball skills for their age.

    Former varsity players serve as assistant coaches who train the children.Try-outs are conducted on the first training day, determining skill levels, and then ten to fifteen children are assigned to each coach.

    The children are a joy to watch while they play and train. Even parents who watch the training sessions are involved as they cheer on their wards and sometimes even participate in the drills themselves.

    In 2013, the 1st Alaska Basketball Cup was introduced to provide a venue for these children to hone their skills even more in a friendly tournament game.

  • Soccer Power Camp  

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    Tomas Lozano, a Spanish national and long-term resident of the Philippines, has a lot to say about his passion – soccer. Joaqui Trillo, General Manager for Alaska Aces, introduced the gentleman as a former Real Madrid player, to which he quickly and humbly retorted, “I wasn’t a star player, though.” A great part of his life has been spent in developing soccer in our country, through his affiliations with schools and clubs, and as project director of the Alaska Soccer Power Camp. Lozano once said in an interview, “Alaska Milk Corp. has been a wonderful partner and friend for 19 years now. We promote football and they promote good health.”

    Since 1997 over5,000 children have trained in the summer camp, which accepts children as young as three years old, as soon as he/she can kick a ball. Every summer, they go twice a week to different venues: the Army/Ascom Field at Fort Bonifacio, Turf at BGC-Global City Taguig, the Alabang Country Club fields in Muntinlupa, and the Nomads Field, Merville Park Subdivision in Parañaque. In addition, a special summer clinic is held free of charge for dependents of Army/Ascom officers and soldiers. The summer culminates in a football festival where over 1,000 participants compete in a tournament.

    In November, a large number of football players and enthusiasts gather to pit their skills against each other in the Alaska Football Cup, a tournament patterned after the Gothia Cup, the world’s biggest football event in terms of number of participants. Near5,000 football players compete in twelve age brackets, from children to adults, on 30 mini-football fields at the Alabang Country Club. Through its eleven years of existence, this annual event has drawn close to 50,000 players.

  • Program Benefits  

    JoaquiTrillo, Dicky Bachmann, JojoLastimosa, and Tomas Lozano were in complete agreement in their belief that a team sport teaches children how to interact with other children. Teamwork and hard work instill discipline and these values serve them well as they grow older and face challenges in the world, helping make them stronger and healthier individuals. In addition, this keeps them away from mischief, the use of drugs, and other evils.

    According to Trillo, the sports program of Alaska Milk is part of the Company’s initiative in nation-building through discipline and well-rounded individuals with sound mind and sound body. The President and CEO, Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, is the Company’s staunchest proponent of being a well-rounded individual as he is a health buff and a tri-athlete champion.

    I asked Mr. Trillo how his company benefits from the program. He answered, “Of course, we would hope that the program will boost sales for our company, but more importantly, we are just happy that we contribute in nation-building through discipline and well-rounded individuals with sound mind and sound body. Our President and COO Wilfred Steven Uytengsu is our staunchest proponent of being a well-rounded individual. He is a health buff and a tri-athlete champion.”

  • Success and Recognition  

    The number of participants wanting to join the Alaska Power Camps is a quantifiable measure of the program’s success. What is more fulfilling is when you see so many smiling and laughing children enjoying the training and the competition. Alaska Milk Corporation is proud of the fact that the program has been cited by the Philippine Sportswriters’ Association for its outstanding contribution to youth and sports development in the country, particularly on the grassroots level.