Passion Recognized

When hard work and passion are your motivation, that dedication becomes apparent in everything you do. Such was the case when triathlete sisters Sam and Tara Borlain were honored by the Philippine Sportswriters Association with the Siddayao Award. Named for the Dean of Philippine sportswriting Tony Siddayao, himself, the Award is confered annually on those considered by the PSA to be the ten most outstanding Philippine athletes under the age of 17.


With the theme, “A Tribute to Our Heroes”, the awarding ceremony took place at Le Pavillon last night, In the days leading up to the event, the organizers noted that Sam and Tara were being honored for their consistent top performances at numerous local and regional triathlon competitions, including Alaska IronKids.


Aside from the Borlains, this year’s honorees are swimmers Marc Bryan Dula Maurice Sacho Ilustre, Jerard Dominic Jacinto, and Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh, along with Ancilla Mari Manzano (Gymnastics), Khaz Romoff (Karting), and Arielle Pascual (skating).


In addition to their athletic qualities, it is the love and support of the Borlain parents, Ringo and Carole, along with their younger sister Chezka – a triathlete achiever in her own right – that powers the sisters on, whether they are in competition or in school, where they put in just as much effort.

The Borlains were recognized with the PSA’s Tony Siddayao Award for their accomplishments as athletes.


Indeed, in their academic careers, Sam is a noted honor student, and currently 2nd in her class, while Tara is a consistent deportment awardee as they pursue their educations at De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, which they also represent in varsity sporting events.


Ringo told PlayPH that education is a top priority for the family, and the challenge of balancing training with academics is a one that the family works toward as a unit to to master.

In active competition or in school, the Borlain family stands together. (SOURCE: Ringo Borlain’s Facebook)

As a family unit, the Borlain parents and siblings can frequently be found smiling, laughing, and generally cheering each on whoever’s in active competition. No matter the result, they can rest assured, knowing that their loved ones will be waiting for them at the finish line.


From all of us here at PlayPH, a hearty congratulations to Sam and Tara!