Our Purpose

Filipino Dreams

Alaska Milk’s story is one of passion,
A passion to provide Filipino families and children with accessible nutrition.
From parents who want the best for their children,
To entrepreneurs trying to make the world better,
And aspiring athletes chasing their dreams,
Alaska Milk has been there to fuel the passions of a nation.
From yesterdays past to tomorrow’s future,
Wala pa rin tatalo.

Our Vision

To be the leading providers of affordable nutrition by offering families and children a wide range of delicious, high quality dairy, and dairy-based products. Alaska Milk Corporation’s valued commitment is to bring nutrition to every Filipino across all stages and occasions of their lives. Alaska Milk faces up to the challenge of pursuing the efforts to help raise milk consumption levels in the country.

Today, the Philippines remains to have lower per capita dairy consumption levels when compared to our Asian neighbors. By providing dairy products in the right formats and price points, Alaska Milk helps provide good health to every child in every Filipino home and contributes in bringing down malnutrition levels in the Philippines and in the world.

Our Mission

Product Development

We pledge to continue building on the strengths and competitive attributes of our brands and develop their full product potential. We will continue to identify market opportunities while developing new products, mindful of our task to be responsive to the ever-changing and growing needs of our consumers.

Customer Service

Customer relationship is an integral part of building our business. We aim to provide our partners in the trade the best and most efficient service, making use of up-to-date technology for timely product availability and accessibility. We strive to know and understand our customers fully to bridge the gap between what they need and what we can give.


Ultimately, the consumers whom we serve and their level of satisfaction with our products become our final judge and jury. Through high levels of quality control, we are committed to deliver high quality milk and dairy- based products from production to consumption.


We recognize that our people, the Alaska Milk team members, are one of our most important assets, and we are committed to promote their safety and welfare. Their wealth of experience, ideas, dedication and strong work ethic lay the foundation for Alaska’s continued success. It is our goal as much as it is theirs, to pursue and reach their full potential through continued education, training, and skills-enhancement programs. We challenge each individual by providing the opportunity to contribute to our endeavors.

Sustainable Growth

Growth that creates value for our stakeholders is paramount. We will deploy our resources on investment opportunities that are within our core competence and yield high returns relative to risks and consistent with our growth objectives.