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Alaska Milk products have been a staple in the Filipino kitchen; providing delicious, nutritious milk products for households and businesses alike. Whether you’re feeding a family, running a restaurant, or operating as an entrepreneur, there is an Alaska product to meet your needs.

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Evaporated Milk

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Alaska’s Evaporated Milk products help homemakers and nanay-preneurs express their outpouring of love through the preparation of delicious creamy treats for their families and beloved customers. Learn more

Condensed Milk

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Turn ordinary dishes into delectable family-favorite meals and nutritious treats with Alaska’s Condensed Milk products. Learn more

Culinary Creams

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Whether you’re whipping up dessert for the whole family or trying out a new recipe, any dish can be transformed into a creamy culinary experience with Alaska’s creams! Learn more

Creamy Evap

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Create creamy, meaty saucy dishes with the use of Alaska Chicken and Beef Creamy Evap. The newest meal solution for your saucy dishes! Learn more
Alaska Milk’s products have always focused on nutrition to help families grow into vibrantly active and naturally strong individuals. It is our mission to provide Filipino households with delicious and highly nutritious milk.

Powdered Milk

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When it comes to yummy and nutritious milk, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink is the way to go. It’s formulated with nutrients that help in a child’s growth and development plus a creamy milk taste that’s preferred by kids!

Hindi lang basta milk, kundi choco MMMilk!

Alaska Fortified Choco Powdered Milk Drink has the yummy taste of chocolate that 9 out of 10 kids love. Plus, it has Pro-Growth Nutrients and Choline that your active child needs.

Kaya ‘pag sawa na sila sa regular milk, give them Alaska Fortified Choco MMMilk!
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Ready-to-Drink Milk

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Alaska Milk’s ready-to-drink milk products offer a deliciously healthy serving of nutrients for families every morning Learn more

Non-Dairy Creamer

Get the best out of each coffee experience with Krem-Top coffee creamer! Learn more