AMC WIN-WIN Champions

On January 18, 2019, Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) held a townhall for the launch of One Workplace: the newly-renovated head office. During the event, AMC recognized three WIN-WIN Champions who went the extra mile to demonstrate the WIN-WIN Mindset and Behavior and deliver impactful results. All teams are composed of members who are from the different functions in AMC – a great example of collaboration! They are:


1. Big Fight Team

Team members from Marketing, CDSM, Finance, DTA, Corporate Affairs, R&D, Supply Chain, and Procurement worked together to successfully launch the new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink. Not only did they live up to our Purpose, they also showed Commercial Obsession to win in the market and demonstrated Owners’ Mindset in the implementation of the project.


2. SAP Task Force

The teams of DTA, Plan & Deliver, Supply Chain Make, Finance-Credit/AR, and Customer Service worked together to address the SAP downtime in September 2018. Everyone went above and beyond call of duty to ensure that the issues are addressed and the system is running smoothly.


3. One Workplace Team

The collaboration among HR & Admin Team, Procurement, SHE, Projects, Marketing, DTA, CDSM, Ingredients, Finance, and Corporate Affairs made the renovation of the head office of AMC possible. From the design of the office to the actual transfer of people from one wing to the other, the department representatives did a great job in making the entire process smooth.

Congratulations to our WIN-WIN Champions!