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Alaska Milk Corporation cares for the Filipino family by providing quality milk products that promote good nutrition and health for each member of the family. It has taken this commitment a step further by acquiring new brands like Liberty Condensada that help in encouraging the habit of having nutritious meals not just by drinking milk but also by using milk at all possible occasions.

Liberty Condensada is a sweetened creamer that is best used for leche flan, fruit salad and as a delicious bread spread for pan de sal. For many years, Filipino families have trusted the creamy goodness of Liberty Condensada. Liberty Condensada – Ang paborito ng pamilya!

Liberty Condensada Product Size

  • Liberty Consensada 300 mL
  • Liberty Consensada 168 mL
  • Liberty Consensada 250 mL (Tetra brik)

Liberty Advertisements

Liberty Condensada Radio Commercial, Bunsoy-Tagalog (click play)

Liberty Condensada Radio Commercial, Bunsoy-Cebuano (click play)

Liberty Condensada Radio Commercial, Savay-Tagalog (click play)

Liberty Condensada Radio Commercial, Savay-Cebuano (click play)

Alaska Milk Corporation has also acquired another evaporated milk brand – Alpine Full Cream Evaporated Milk since April 2007. With the addition of Alpine to its product portfolio, we provide consumers with choices on brands that fulfill not just their culinary requirements but also their milk drinking needs.

Alpine Evaporated Milk is a made from whole cow’s milk and contains increased levels of Vitamins A and D. It can be added to coffee, cocoa, cereals, used as an ingredient for cooking and is a delicious milk drink when diluted with water. Alpine – “the creamier evap.”

Alpine Evaporated Milk Product Sizes

  • Alpine Full Cream Evaporated Milk 370 mL (can)
  • Alpine Full Cream Evaporated Milk 154 mL (can)

Cowbell Condensada

  • Cowbell Condensada 300ml

Alpine Advertisements

Alpine Full Cream Milk Radio Commercial (click play)

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