Powering Through

At the opening week of the 2018 Alaska Basketball Power Camp, kids across the metro gathered at the Ateneo Covered Courts to learn the game through the guidance of some of the country’s best coaches.


One of those kids was Lochlin Zaldivia, a 10-year old Fil-Aussie basketball player. What caught the eye of many was Lochlin’s impressive skills on the court. He could shoot well, handle the ball decently, and pass directly. But as PlayPH observed him play more, it was his off-court values that surfaced.


For a kid who didn’t’ grow up in the Philippines, Lochlin didn’t seem to have any trouble making friends and communicating with them. Perhaps we’re seeing early remnants of an exceptional team player – a trait that pro-teams would die to have on their roster. But for whatever reason he’s playing, it’s obvious that the young boy is on the hunt for improvement. At that age and at that high of a skill level, it’s rare we see kids that driven and passionate.


Fortunately, he chose the right venue to do so.


“He’s a little perfectionist isn’t he?” his mom, Sarah laughs as she tells PlayPH. “The good thing about Lochlin is that he’s got a big heart for basketball. I don’t even need to motivate him to do better. He just kind of goes on his own.”


For someone who’s learned about basketball only three years ago, there’s a distinct love and passion shown on the court. When asked about the origins of Lochlin’s competitive demeanor, Sarah says, “He gets it from his father – that competitive spirit. Lochlin kind of grew up watching his dad play and that’s where it really took off.”


But according to Sarah, Lochlin’s hoop wishes don’t always come easily. As a 10-year old boy with hopes of becoming basketball’s next big thing, there are things to get past by first. “I guess juggling school and basketball is a big challenge for any kid. For Lochlin, it’s four training sessions per week for him on top of his academics. Besides that, he’s learning to play the guitar,” she adds.

“Keep that love for sport alive!” – Sarah Zaldivia advices her son.

“The best advice I can give him is to just enjoy what he does. Keep that love for sport alive! Don’t force it! Once you do, it’ll start to feel like work. Just enjoy and it’ll take him places,” Sarah shares.


Lochlin’s work ethic as a kid is as great and big as his dreams. According to him, it’s the NBA he’s aiming for. And why shouldn’t he? The 10-year old’s ready to take on every challenge, every painstaking practice, every failure, and then some – all while inspiring his peers and fellow campers. All said and done, at the rate that he’s improving, Lochlin is ready to do whatever it takes to power through.