Our Values

Our Values

To be the leading providers of affordable nutrition by offering families and children a wide range of delicious, high quality dairy, and dairy-based products. Alaska Milk Corporation’s valued commitment is to bring nutrition to every Filipino across all stages and occasions of their lives. Alaska Milk faces up to the challenge of pursuing the efforts to help raise milk consumption levels in the country.

Today, the Philippines remains to have lower per capita dairy consumption levels when compared to our Asian neighbors. By providing dairy products in the right formats and price points, Alaska Milk helps provide good health to every child in every Filipino home and contributes in bringing down malnutrition levels in the Philippines and in the world.

Respect for People

Our People is the most valuable asset of the organization. In AMC, respect for people is seen in the diversity of people that we hire; in creating a safe environment for people at all levels to speak up, to give feedback, or to pitch their ideas; and in the providing them equal opportunities to learn, grow, and advance in their career.


Integrity is the foundation of trust. We expect of every AMC colleague to observe integrity at all times and in all their dealings (even when no one is looking). We embrace and abide by the Friesland Campina “Compass” that provides us the gold standards of doing business with the highest level of integrity.

Passion for Excellence

While our purpose is to provide superior and affordable nutrition thru the milk that we make, we demand nothing short of excellence in the quality of our work, in every step of our processes. Ultimately, the consumers whom we serve and their level of satisfaction with our products become our final judge and jury. Through high levels of quality control and a continuous improvement mindset, we are committed to deliver high quality milk and dairy- based products from production to consumption.


We believe that the most difficult jobs and problems get done and solved, respectively, when colleagues work together effectively. There is no secret to our teamwork in AMC – it is founded on trusting relationships; individuals understand each other’s personal circumstances; open communication, debate, and feedback exist; individual members put the team’s goals ahead of their own; and the team is aligned, inspired, and motivated with our purpose and our plan.


More than a milk brand, Alaska is an integral part of the community. As such, we build our corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives into our plans. Alaska supports the community through its milk feeding program in schools and communities; Alaska supports sports development initiatives; by empowering small business “mompreneurs”; and through our employee-initiated milk feeding sponsorship program, the “Milk for Life.” We believe that strong communities are built on the foundation of strong families and that Alaska, in more ways than one, keeps families in winning form.

Working at Alaska


“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and trust Alaska Milk gave me and this helped me build my confidence and helped me to give my best in whatever I do”


“What I love about Alaska Milk is that you can innovate, learn from mistakes and rebuild.”