A Win-Win Alliance for the Environment and Nutrition

Nutrition from garbage? Incredible? The partnership forged between Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) and the City of Manila on 28 January 2020 will make what seems to be impossible, POSSIBLE!


Joining hands with its firm commitment and strong will to promote environmental sustainability and nutrition, the “AlasKalikasan Wrapper Redemption Project” or “Basura Palit Gatas Program” was launched in Manila, where Alaska will give one kilo of Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink for every five kilos of flexible plastics.


According to Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, a self-confessed “Batang Alaska”, “We have a lot of projects for our Barangays that push for cleanliness. We’re really trying to clean up the mess.”


AMC Managing Director Harvey Uong responded, “AMC is not only committed to cleaning the environment, but we are also determined to deliver the best nutrition for Manila and the rest of the country.” “Through this WIN-WIN alliance with the City of Manila, AMC will be able to collect more than twenty times the volume of wrappers that it produces every year,” added Alaska Corporate Affairs Director, Atty. Maria Angela N. Esquivel.


Mayor Domagoso declared with confidence, “Everything is possible when we work together. It will not be easy, but if work together every day, with passion and consistency, we can do it. We can be clean, healthy and active!


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