Alaskabuhayan Livelihood Sessions Benefit 108 Entrepreneurs

Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC), in partnership with the national and local government, equipped 108 micro and small entrepreneurs with livelihood and nutrition skills under its Alaskabuhayan project.


Alaskabuhayan provides free, delicious, and simple recipes through a live cooking demonstration that gives entrepreneurs – most of whom were displaced by COVID-19 – additional ideas for their food businesses. Practical livelihood tips and nutrition education are also key features of Alaskabuhayan to complement the new recipes learned.


As part of its Manila Restaurant Week, the City of Manila’s Bureau of Permits selected 48 entrepreneurs to participate in the Alaskabuhayan session on 15 December 2020, while the Department of Trade and Industry–National Capital Region Office (DTI-NCRO) assisted the entrepreneurs to register their businesses. The participants were able to create simple yet exciting recipes such as the Alaska Milky Ramen and Milky Melon Scramble.




In partnership with the Office of the Vice President, 60 entrepreneurs from the City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan were selected to join the Alaskabuhayan session on 28 November 2020. Chicken ala King Empanada and Ube Macapuno Scramble were some of the creations enjoyed by the participants.




After the sessions, all 108 participants were given Alaskabuhayan livelihood kits as an additional resource for their culinary needs.


Through meaningful partnerships that help boost the economy, improve human capital, and contribute to nation building, AMC sees to it that Alagang Alaska is felt by our micro and small entrepreneurs. And as the year draws to a close, AMC makes sure that blessings are not only counted, but most importantly, they are shared.