AlasKaunlaran – a play of words between “Alaska” and “Kaunlaran,” which means progress, development, and prosperity. True to its namesake and vision, Alaska and Kaunlaran have been proven synonymous by the company for the past 50 years.


Beyond producing top-quality dairy products, Alaska Milk Corporation prides itself on being a community-minded company – actively helping to strengthen the nation from the grassroots through its corporate purpose responsibility programs. And one of those programs is the ().


This specific and strategic program aims to improve the lives of Filipino dairy farmers by equipping them with knowledge and skills to refine and boost local milk yield and quality. Find out more on how DTDP contributes to overall food security and the better living of our farmers. #AlasKaunlaran #AlagangAlaska


To watch the full video: Alaska Milk Corporation on LinkedIn: #AlasKaunlaran #AlagangAlaska #development