FrieslandCampina Executive visits upcycling facility in Antipolo City

06 March 2023, Antipolo City – Royal FrieslandCampina (RFC) Senior Vice President Corine Tap visited the Multi-Layered Plastic (MLP) Upcycling Facility of Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) and D&G Pacific Corporation as part of her business review trip in the Philippines.


The upcycling facility was inaugurated last February 01 and jumpstarted its commercial production. The facility is a first of its kind in Southeast Asia, which processes and converts single-use plastics into WoW boards.


“Globally, Royal FrieslandCampina is very strongly committed to making our packaging recyclable and more circular by 2023. This is also important as the Philippines has been leading in pioneering new solutions that involve the whole community in becoming plastic neutral,” said Tap when asked how the upcycling facility can impact the company’s sustainability goal.



She also mentioned that this environmental initiative is forward-thinking and though a small start, serves as a big inspiration for other companies, especially for the different operating companies of RFC.

“There is a big opportunity for this multi-layered plastic upcycling facility to be replicated by other operating companies in the Asian region. To do that, we must look locally at the specific issues because plastic problems differ from country to country. But this is a benchmark for all RFC companies in the region and beyond,” added Tap.



Corine Tap said that the site should be run and managed optimally to make this venture even more effective. Since it is relatively new, ideas on optimizing the capacity, processes, and flows should be focused on.


“With the great cooperation we have here from the community and the government, especially with RePurpose, Inc. and D&G Pacific, we are sure that we can generate more impact to make this even better in achieving a more circular economy ultimately a greener future,” ended Tap.