Home-Grown Freedom with Milk and Dairy

Global pandemics have re-defined the way we understand freedom. Are we waiting for the W.H.O. and the governments of the world to deliver us to freedom? Or can we “grow” freedom from the comforts of our home?


A balanced diet can help improve nutritional health, enhance immune resistance and provide important nutritional support to combat diseases. Nutritionists tell us that milk is an essential source of calcium, and several other components of milk help boost our body’s immunity response, including immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and glycopeptides. Lactoferrin enhances the body’s immunomodulatory activity, which affect various immune cells, such as lymphocytes and macrophages, and prevent viruses from recognizing and invading host cells, conveying a level of resistance. α-lactalbumin may also potentially affect the immune response, by regulating the intestinal flora, which improves the body’s immune function.


Milk and dairy provide sources of Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, calcium and other nutrients essential for the human body. A higher intake of these products for those low in protein, especially when higher immune resistance is required to fight the novel coronavirus, will be very beneficial. (Neo, P. 2020)


With good hygiene, proper exercise, adequate rest, and a balanced diet with the goodness of milk, we can stay healthy and boost our immune system to help prevent the spread of disease. We may not be able to see the future that is free from disease and outbreaks, but we can take the first step by raising that glass of milk.


Raise a glass to freedom!