The Grand Plan

Most triathletes know what training they’re doing this week, but not many have an idea of what they are doing in six months’ time. While this might seem a long way off, it’s important to ensure that every training session you do is a part of a grand plan.

As triathlons are comprised of three sports, it is important to properly distribute your time to train for all divisions of the event by matching the approximate time you’ll probably be spending for each during the actual race. With your schedule laid out and planned, you can now focus more on the most important part of your preparation: improving your performance.

Usually in triathlons, the average triathlete spends about half of the total race cycling, 30% running, and the rest of the race swimming. To help you achieve maximum results and be in top shape for the race, here’s a list of ways you could make your endurance trainings more effective and time efficient.

  • Make a schedule


It’s important to create a plan for all your endurance trainings. This schedule should approximately match the actual time you’ll be spending during the actual race. Check out

  • Check your gear



When cycling, it is important that you have the bike that fits you best. Ask a professional for help so you can get the gear that gives you both comfort and effeciency to execute your techniques.

  • Determine your weakness


Early in your training sessions, get a coach that will help you determine the areas in your performance that need improvement so you can allot more time on improving your weaknesses before the actual race comes.

  • Recovery

There is no question that endurance trainings are very tough, your muscles take a lot of beating and you’re all worked up, that’s why it is very important that you allow yourself enough time for recovery after your workout and training sessions.