Alaska completes its Solar Power Project on its 50th year

Alaska Milk Corporation’s (AMC) Solar Power Project located at its San Pedro Laguna Plant supports the sustainability program of Frieslandcampina and creates savings in electricity bills. This in effect also helps protect the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels used by our power provider.

The Solar Power Project is divided into 2 Phases targeted to generate 6,000 Kilowatts peak (KWp) and aims to generate as high as 6,000 kilowatts during the hours of the day wherein the sun shines at its peak. To achieve this, AMC installed approximately 15,000 Photovoltaic panels more commonly known as solar panels on the roof of various buildings of the plant. This is equivalent to approximately 30,000 square meters or 3 hectares equivalent to 72 basketball courts.

This massive project was divided into 2 phases which will generate 3,000 Kilowatts peak each. Each phase took one year to complete. The plant’s Distribution Center roof area is big enough to accommodate the solar panels of Phase 1. While the solar panels for Phase 2 were installed on various roofs of the plant’s buildings. Phase 1 was completed last January 2021 while Phase 2 was completed and operationalized in February this year. The second phase composed of 7,560 PV panels distributed among the different roofs of the plant is rated to generate 3,024 KWp. This means it can supply 328 households in the area.

The guaranteed annual power production of this project is 8,200,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) in total for the two phases which is enough to supply approximately 2,000 households. This is based on an average annual electricity consumption of 4,200 kilowatt-hours per household.

The Solar Power Project was designed “on-grid”. Meaning the electricity generated by the solar panels is connected in parallel with the Aboitiz-supplied electricity. The system is automated wherein it prioritizes the usage of the electricity generated by the solar panels and preventing entry of the Aboitiz electricity. Aboitiz-supplied electricity will re-enter when the solar power ceases to generate electricity during the time when there is no sunlight.

AMC is proud to announce that we are in our 50th year of providing affordable nutrition to the Filipinos and we examine real-time the strategies we employ to improve our ability to be more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly.