Alaska Milk Recognized as Top Community Centric Company in Asia

On 19 November 2021, Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) has been recognized by the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards as Top Community Centric Company in Asia for 2021 via a virtual ceremony. The award was received by AMC’s Managing Director, Tarang Gupta, who expressed his sincere appreciation for this recognition. He extended the recognition to the entire organization and to AMC’s partners in the private and public sectors who worked together in order to expand the breadth and reach of the Alaskaunlaran (Alaska + development) programs.




ACES recognizes AMC’s community impact “In spite of hopes to the contrary, 2021 has proven to be a continuation of the challenge that was 2020. And yet, as with many things, silver linings are to be found for those who look hard enough. As a Sustainability advocate, you know that a change in mindset is most often the single biggest step towards long-lasting change for the better. If 2020 was about moving the leadership goalposts, 2021 is firmly about instilling the culture of agile care and concern for an organization’s stakeholders, in this case, its people, and the communities in which it does business in. Across the globe, the contraction of economies has seen a pullback in many corporate social responsibility initiatives, and community funding. It is thus heartening to note your continued belief in, and commitment towards the causes championed by your organization even before the scourge of Covid. True to your strong altruistic beliefs, you have continued to drive awareness towards worthy causes that you believe in, and our scoring mechanisms have taken that into consideration. That you have continued to score so favourably is indeed a testament to your conviction of the rightness of your organization’s purpose, and your continued drive at ensuring that worthy causes are not way sided in challenging times. A culture of care and even greater societal and environmental consciousness is needed much more than ever now, and your ability to see and act on this is one of the reasons for your win.”