From Grass to Glass: FrieslandCampina Celebrates 150 Years of Cooperative Heritage

On 8 September, our parent company Royal FrieslandCampina (RFC) celebrated 150 years of Cooperative Heritage.


“For 150 years, RFC has been ensuring the quality of its dairy products through its meticulous manufacturing process, famously known as ‘From Grass to Glass,’” shared Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez in the virtual celebration. “In DTI, we believe in the importance of public and private partnership, most especially in the ongoing health crisis. I know you have many CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects and you have been a big supporter of many social enterprises,” added Secretary Lopez.


RFC proudly celebrates its Cooperative Heritage, backed by a long history of producing high quality dairy products worldwide. As our Managing Director Mr. Tarang Gupta shares, “FrieslandCampina is part of a cooperative tradition. A cooperative does not exist for the short term: we look to the future. For our consumers, our customers, for our farmers. And for our planet. We are guided by our purpose, our goal: nourishing by nature.”


We thank all our employees and partners who have helped us achieve this milestone and look forward to the many more years of Cooperative Heritage to come.


Watch the Secretary’s full message, together with other esteemed stakeholders, during RFC’s 150th year celebration in the video below: